What is Afferent?

Afferent builds digital, content driven communities. Leveraging performance marketing and AI we identify, engage and activate consumers. 


With the amount of digital content we’re all inundated with on a daily basis, it’s never been more challenging to build authentic, trusted relationships with prospective consumers. We believe customer acquisition is best scaled digitally through conversation. Industry-leading communities for many audiences have yet to be established. The integration of data driven, machine learning technologies dramatically improves the potential to positively influence consumer’s purchasing behavior.

Challenger Brands need to scale quickly to establish market share however…

  • Most Direct-To-Consumer eCommerce brand founders are product focused, not digital or marketing experts.
  • Advertising dollars are wasted when consumers are not being engaged in a meaningful way.

We are the pipeline that connects brands directly to their eager consumers, allowing them to grow today. 


Unifying three key elements


We have developed cannabis-adjacent brands that are able to advertise to and interact directly with consumers. By leveraging our expertise in performance marketing, we can quickly cultivate highly-engaged online communities and email lists.

Our AI-driven technology can then analyze digital interactions with these consumers and provide deep insights into their values, habits and purchasing trends.

These consumers contact points and their digital insights are the tools that drive customer acquisition for cannabis-forward companies.


Our team was born from the DNA of Strawhouse, which has generated $660+ million in revenue for clients while creating an estimated $1.5 billion in market value along the way.

Afferent is a collection of the top performers in client acquisition, creative, and data analysis. We believe that the combination of our skills and developed processes position us to become the global leaders in cannabis customer acquisition.

Jason Kryski


Jason has been the seminal force behind North America’s largest and most successful performance-based ad-buying and customer acquisition companies, Strawhouse.

Lathan McKinney

Performance Manager


The best way to connect with the Afferent team is through an introduction with an existing partner.

If you don’t have a contact, feel free to touch base using: hello@afferent.ai